Address: Via Vasco de Gama, 29
City: Soliera
ZIP Code: 41019
Country: Italy

Website: www.leonardus.it/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +39 059 853 411


Leonardus srl was founded in Modena in 1998 to start the first industrial holographic self-adhesive production for the publishing market.
The ability to manage in-house the whole production process, the constant research and developement are the keys of Leonardus’ success also in other markets like packaging, converting and anticounterfeiting.

Leonardus produces holographic film and paper for various uses and with countless custom possibilities:

  • Holographic films for flexible packaging
  • Self-adhesive holographic film for labels and stickers
  • Laminated films and papers for converting and graphic industry
  • Custom holograms
  • Anti-counterfeit stickers and labels

Our manufacturings are supplied in reels or foils, already laminatedwith the material of your choice and/or adhesive, ready to be processed with the most common printing techniques working with UV inks.

Leonardus holographic technique is truly polyedric: it combines creativity and technology, protection and aesthetic.
Our team is at your disposal to design and carry out your concept and make holographic any custom graphic or logo.