The IHMA is made up of the world’s leading hologram suppliers and manufacturers

The mission of the IHMA is to advance the understanding, use and development of holograms and holographic technology, particularly in the authentication of products and documents, decoration and illustration, displays and display systems, energy and environmental improvements.

Press Release

New Online Guides to Holographic Terms and Milestones

An international trade body has produced a new glossary to help people better understand holographic terms and definitions, as well as a timeline and milestones to mark the history of holography since its invention in 1947. The initiative by the …

16 June 2021

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IHMA Warns Over Africa’s Fake Covid Vaccines

Africa’s law enforcement agencies are urged to step up their investment in anti-counterfeiting measures before the trade in fake Covid 19 vaccines spirals out of control. The advice from the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) comes in the wake of …

24 March 2021

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IHMA Says Holograms Make Tasty Addition To Food Safety

News that holograms could be ‘printed’ on food shows how innovation continues to push the technology’s boundaries, says the International Hologram Manufacturers Association. The move follows reports from the USA that scientists have moulded edible holograms onto chocolate. Although it’s …

25 February 2021

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IHMA Warns Over Latest Covid Counterfeiting Scam

The IHMA says news that people are being duped into buying fake Covid tests reinforces the urgent need for manufacturers and law enforcement agencies to step up investment in anti-counterfeiting measures including product security devices. The message comes in the …

4 February 2021

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2020 Winners of the IHMA Excellence in Holography Awards

Innovation in Holographic Technology


Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product

Hazen Paper Company’s Hazen Paper 2020 calendar

Best Display or Emerging Technology Application of Holography, Best Origination

Ultimate Holography’s DMC DeLorean CHIMERA