International Hologram Trade Body Targets China Expansion With New Agreement

12 Feb 2024 | Press Release

The global hologram trade body is stepping up its presence in China in a move to boost growth and promote the technology’s benefits to brand owners, government authorities and sector suppliers.

The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) and the regional trade organisation Security Identification Union (SIU) have secured a new agreement.

The market for holography in China is ‘huge’ with, for example, the UnionPay hologram card market – one of the world’s largest payment brands – using around 500 million holograms annually, which is worth an estimated US $55 million. Elsewhere, holograms used on FRW cigarette packets account for over five billion units, is worth approximately US $12 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, the SIU will ramp-up promotion of the IHMA’s work to the wider hologram community across China, one of the world’s most important markets.

Playing a central role in securing new members for the IHMA while representing its interests in markets where effective authentication, anti-counterfeiting and product enhancement holographic features and applications are required, the SIU will also be at the forefront of delivering marketing and training materials to members as part of investment plans to raise and support the Association’s in-country presence.

Manufacturers, banks, secured document issuers, printers and other tier one sector suppliers in China will all be exposed to benefits of working with member companies. This drives improvements in authentication strategies and improves the protection of documents, currency, tobacco, alcohol, medicines and pharmaceuticals among other items that are at risk of piracy or counterfeiting.

The IHMA, which currently has seven members in China but expects to see this expanded further, has global members who are producing custom holograms for Chinese brands and security applications.

Dr Paul Dunn, IHMA chair, said the country offers almost limitless scope for further growth and development of the holography industry.

He added: “The SIU brings vital local knowledge and access as we move forward in rolling-out our growth and development plans this year. We very much look forward to building the relationship further as our presence in China grows, new members and partners come onboard, and new opportunities arise.”

The SIU is a national association under the leadership of the China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology CIAPST. It has played a major role in contributing to developing security identification and holography industry and strengthening the international exchange of science technology for years.

A SIU spokesman said expansion of the IHMA’s involvement is an important step forward in the continuing development of China’s hologram industry: “With our links, we recognise that raising awareness of the industry trade body, and encouraging more local brand owners to select IHMA members as their suppliers, will be beneficial in opening up access to the latest technological developments, improving product quality and sharing best practice.

“Moreover, pushing for more Chinese members will improve their integration into the global hologram industry, stimulating dialogue and additional cross border trade – critical if progress is to be made for the wider industry and opportunities realised.”