Best Applied Security Product

2023 – Winner

Louisenthal (Germany) – Green LongLife RollingStar® Hologram Micromirror LEAD Mix

Who was the hologram for?

A Housenote to demonstrate micromirror and hologram integration.

What was it for and how did it work?

It was developed as a Housenote to demonstrate micromirror, hologram and colourshift integration in the product portfolio.
RollingStar®LEAD Mix supports the holistic concept of optimised storytelling and counterfeit resilience in an impressive way by outstanding integration to the print and attractive and dynamic animated structures with:

  1. modern high tech holography of the dragonfly,
  2. dynamic and bright micromirror technology of the water rings and the lotus leaf, and
  3. attractive ColourShift effects mixed with micromirrors of the lotus petal. The whole RollingStar®LEAD Mix stripe is placed on a 2nd level 2 colored UV area, called Sync UV, which is visible from both sides of the note by transmitting UV light.
    The RollingStar®LEAD Mix supports the intuitive recognition of the whole banknote story and combines this aspect with sustainability, by using recycled films for production with a 70% recycled content.
    Through the design imperative, it features an intelligent combination of foil effects and printed design. The highly complex structural technology provides ideal protection against counterfeiting and is a market leader in the banknote field.

What is significant about this hologram project?

This is a complex combination of micro (Holo)- and macro(Mirror)-structures and Colourshift. This is significant in that it integrates a traditional hologram, with a micromirror feature incorporating dynamics and 3D. A technical challenge for origination, tool production, embossing and production of a modern and secure LEAD stipe.
It maintains the design of the Lotus flower leaves and “lifts” the leaves in the LEAD.
It is extremely difficult to counterfeit, and is quick and easy to authenticate, even in low light. Guarantees intuitive recognition. It is also compatible with all banknote substrates.
Along with the sustainable properties of the Green LongLife note, the LEAD carrier foil has a 70% reycled content.