Glaxo becomes the first pharmaceutical company to use holograms for brand protection, on Zantac which was then the world’s best-selling prescription drug brand.

DuPont launches its holographic photopolymer for production of white light reflection, or volume, holograms.

Holograms first appear on banknotes (a Kinegram® on the Austrian 500 schilling and a Catpix™ on the commemorative Australian $10, which itself was the worlds first polymer banknote). Both features were applied as a patch with Gietz equipment.

French airline Air Inter orders HUDs to be fitted on its Airbus aircraft, so HUDs are now standard on most business jets and many airliners, including the Boeing 787.

General Motors fits a holographic HUD in the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme used as Indy pace cars and in the retail production versions of this car, the first use of an automotive HUD.

Use of Shakespeare stereogram by Applied Holographics PLC on cards used to guarantee cheques in UK.