PT Aridas Karya Satria

Address: Bojongsari road
City: Banyumas
ZIP Code: 53182
Country: Indonesia

Contact Name: Felicia Agatha
Phone: +6281 631100


PT. Aridas Karya Satria was founded in 1998 with the main business area is printing. More than 20 years, PT Aridas Karya Satria has become one of the companies that contribute in the integrated security printing and system in producing high quality product and high security value. Our speciality is in anti counterfeiting, smart technology, printing and packaging product. We have been producing Country Document, Banker Document, Certificate, Continuous Form Document, Scratch Gift Voucher, Security Labeling, and also Hot-Stamping Hologram, Hologram Stripes, Hologram Sticker and smart card.