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How To Join

Membership of the IHMA is open to companies involved in:

  • the production of holograms and holographic devices

  • the supply of raw materials or machinery essential to the production and application of holograms and finishers or converters of holograms. 

Categories of Membership

There are two categories of membership - full for hologram manufacturers, and associate for converters and users.

The beneifts are the same for both categories, with the exception that associate members do not have voting rights.

Member Rates

Full member rates are as follow:

  • Turnover under $10 million - £1,717 or equivalent
  • Turnover over $10 million - £2,409 or equivalent

How to Register Your Interest

If you are interested in becoming either a full or associate member:

Download a Membership Application Form

You will also need to provide details of your company's activities (such as company brochure or other publicity material) to the IHMA Secretariat