Holography Conference Goes Online – Call For Papers

9 Oct 2020 | Press Release

Reconnaissance has announced that The Holography Conference™ will now be an online event called The Holography Conference Online™ (THCO), and has published the Call for Papers for the event, which will be held over 8-9 December 2020.

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The Holography Conference is the only global conference for the commercial holography industry – and under its previous name of Holo-pack•Holo-print®, it has tracked every new development in holography since 1990.

After a successful run of 30 years, Reconnaissance announced at the last event, in Athens last November, that it would be changing the format and delivery of this event to reflect the changes to the industry, which over the years has matured, specialised and diversified.

‘The changes we are making will offer a new platform to provide more focused content and engagement aligned to the specialised sectors into which holography has evolved and now operates’ the company said at the time, little imagining how subsequent developments would provide the inspiration for a virtual event.

As Astrid Mitchell, CEO of Reconnaissance, explained: ‘the previous format for The Holography Conference was no longer appropriate because of the difficulties in gathering people from around the world in one place to hear about the latest developments across such a broad spectrum of markets and applications.
So our original plan was to carve out the different themes of the conference relating to security and authentication, brand enhancement and packaging, display holography, 3D imaging, HOEs and the rapidly growing field of wearables and augmented reality, and then run smaller, more focused events within or alongside larger events relating to those specific markets and technologies.’

‘That made perfect sense at the time, and in theory still does’, she added. ‘But then came COVID-19, which has forced the cancellation or postponement of all events this year, or their conversion to online formats. In our case, what has been borne out of necessity has also provided the way forward to this event – as it enables us to being people together from around the world to discuss and learn about highly specialised topics without them incurring the costs and time of a traditional event.

We very much see this, therefore, not as a one-off driven by the coronavirus, but as the future for this event, even when travel and conventional conferences return.’

THCO will be a fully interactive and virtual event. Appealing to people from all over the world, it will take place for three hours a day over two days. Individual presentations as well as panel style formats will allow the audience to be completely involved in the conversation, in the form of Q&As, polls and audience-led discussion.

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking as well as the chance to get up to date with all the developments from within the industry from the comfort of your home or office.

THCO will comprise a minimum of four sessions, with four papers in each, spread over two days. And Reconnaissance anticipates that, with the constraints of travel costs and time removed, the event will attract a much larger audience than the physical equivalent.

The conference will still fulfil its main purpose – namely the exchange of information and experience between hologram suppliers, producers and users, and the sharing and showcasing of the latest technologies, production techniques, new applications and markets, as well as industry-wide issues that we now face in a COVID-19 world.

Reconnaissance is now inviting papers covering all commercial developments and aspects of holography in the following areas: authentication, brand protection and security; packaging and printing; LED screens, HOEs and solar panels; wearables; digital interactivity of holograms, nano- and micro-structures; alternative light-control applications; as well as developments in hologram origination and production or any novel and innovative future applications for holograms.

Recent announcements about real-time holographic visualisation, photopolymer and colour display holograms and innovations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic suggest these would also make valuable contributions to the conference.

In addition to papers on the latest in holography, delegates will be interested to hear about competing or disruptive technologies and how these are or might impact the markets for holograms and holographic products.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, send a 200-word abstract by 30 October to Serge Wsevolojskoy, e-mail: [email protected]

Visit holographyconference.com   for more details on the format of the event, registration and sponsorship options.