Best Display or Emerging Technology Application of Holography, Best Origination

2020 – Winner

Ultimate Holography’s DMC DeLorean CHIMERA

Who is the creative and production team?

Hologram Production: Yves Gentet and Philippe Gentet 3D model design: Didier Picard

Who was the hologram for?

3D artistic project

What was it for and how did it work?

The DMC DeLorean CHIMERA is a 40 by 30 centimeters 250 microns hogel 120-degrees full-parallax full-color CHIMERA from a computer-generated 3D model. The Artist requested a hyper-realistic image combining 3D, high resolution, and natural reflective and diffusive effects.

What is significant about this hologram project?

Digital holographic stereogram printing techniques have been actively developed since the end of the twentieth century to display virtual 3D scenes. Our new CHIMERA™ printer uses low power continuous RGB lasers with proper wavelengths 640, 532, and 457 nm, to reconstruct a perfect color balanced image. Furthermore, our Optical printing system generates a full-parallax image, with a 120° field of view in both vertical/horizontal directions and a hogel resolution of 250 µm (at this size, the human eye cannot see them). The use of our In House designed Holographic color material ULTIMATE™ guarantees a perfectly bright, noise-free, and colorful rendition.

The DMC DeLorean CHIMERA™ is a spectacular hologram demonstrating all the possibilities offered by our technology, that we control at each step: emulsion manufacture, plate/film coating, printer manufacture, printing facility, hologram design, and all processing.