Innovation in Holographic Technology

2020 – Winner


Who is the creative and production team?

This innovative project is the result of a teamwork involving the technical and production teams of SURYS Group:

  • The Design team
  • The Optical Laboratory
  • The Production team
  • The R&D team

Who was the hologram for?

TriSTAR™ for thread is part of a new generation of security thread for banknotes, designed with disruptive technologies to strengthen the security of banknotes.

What was it for and how did it work?

TriSTAR™ technology combines traditional concept and state-of-the-art technologies to improve color changing within a thread. This solution facilitates the authentication of the banknote and its adoption by the public

Authentication can be conducted as follows:

Vertical color shift: when the TriSTAR™ thread is observed with an up and down movement, three reflective colors appears one by one, shifting from cold to warm colors and vice-versa.

Color change by rotation: when the TriSTAR™ thread is rotated from landscape to portrait view, the reflective color changes from a cold, to a warm color.

What is significant about this hologram project?

This next-generation solution for banknote thread links traditional concepts and breakthrough technologies, creating a striking security feature for banknote threads, easy to check and memorize.

The uniqueness of the solution lies in the dramatic colorshift showing three colors when the note is checked with an up and down movement. TriSTAR™ also reveals a color change when the note is rotated from landscape to portrait view.

This solution also stands out due to the great variety of effects included in the design for a complete customization such as: magnetic features, see-through micro-texts and UV fluorescence.

TriSTAR™ patented technology is optimized for 2 to 3 mm threads.