Best Applied Security Product

2020 – Winner

Louisenthal’s Micromirror and Hologram LEAD project

Who is the creative and production team?

Design: Kathrin Hovestadt, Mark Mittelstaedt Feature Effects: Christian Fuhse & Technical Team Product Manager: Christoph Gebauer

Who was the hologram for?

It is an extension to the foil portfolio generating a micromirror LEAD. It is also an element of a Hybrid ADDvance housenote series. This demonstrates the interface between Hologram and Micromirror technologies, and it gives our LEAD the bright and dynamic micromirror effects a colourful appearance.

What was it for and how did it work?

It was developed as a Housenote to demonstrate micromirror and hologram integration in the product portfolio. Through the design imperative, it demonstrates a perfect story-telling created with an intelligent combination of foil effects and the printed design.  The beam of light of the lighthouse is visualized as a very luminous, bright and dynamic Starburst Effect on the foil – in both directions of the lighthouse. Despite its reduced width of only 10mm, it is a surprising firework of features. On the right side of the foil, we can also see magnificent omnidirectional 3D effects on the cloud motifs that create the illusion of depth. In front of the clouds, seagulls are depicted with a vaulting effect, which only increases the impression of depth. Holograms break up the image on the foil and provide it with additional color effects. Even in low light, all highly luminous micromirror effects can be convincingly identified and make a considerably stronger integration into the banknote concept possible than exclusively holographic foils. The highly complex structural technology provides ideal protection against counterfeiting and is a market leader in the banknote field.

What is significant about this hologram project?

This is a complex combination of micro (Holo)- and macro(Mirror)-structures. This is significant in that it integrates a traditional hologram, with a micromirror feature incorporating dynamics and 3D. A technical challenge for origination, tool production, embossing an production of an modern and secure LEAD stipe. It is extremely difficult to counterfeit, and is quick and easy to authenticate, even in low light. It is also compatible with all banknote substrates.