Best Applied Security Product

2021 – Winner

Louisenthal’s Azerbaijan 50 Manat with a RollingStar LEAD Mix foil stripe

What was it for and how did it work?

It was for the 50 Manat in the new series. Azerbaijan has been upgrading its banknote series with state of the art security features.
The theme of the renewed 50 Manat banknote is “Education and Future”, which is part of existing conception of the nations progress to strengthen the brand of “Independent Azerbaijan”. The banknote is thriving with the most advanced and attractive security features from Louisenthal. The banknote celebrates the importance of education and the progress made from young schoolchildren to advanced university students. This theme is creatively demonstrated with young schoolchildren to the left of the note, progressing to univerisity students to the right of the note. And these images are encapsulated in sophisticated and dynamic security features.

What is significant about this hologram project?

Many outstanding security features have been carefully integrated into the 50 Manat. Perhaps the most pronounced feature is the entire RollingStar® LEAD “Mix” version foil strip to the right of the front. It carries a massive number of dynamic and attractive security features.

  1. At top, a metallic surface relief motif “flip” effect created with micromirrors, alternating between denomination 50 and the Manat symbol.
  2. Immediately below is colour shifting motif with micromirror animation which shows the arch of an educational institution with animated relief structures and a depth background inside the arch.
  3. Underneath, stairs in holographic and micromirror spectrum display featuring the Banks “AMB” signage and the denomination number.
  4. At the bottom of the foil is an eye-catching animated walking university student which can be seen on the frontside . By tilting the note, the “walking student” shows very impressively the movements of a walking person.

It is one of the most attractive and referenced banknotes issued in recent years.
After intensive research and development, we have succeeded in reaching a new level in micromirror
technology. The innovative multi-facet substructure with an even more sophisticated way of aligning
and shaping the micromirrors allows for an attractive and realistic look. The proven combination of
design, dynamics and colour shift creates strong aesthetic appeal. It raises security to a higher level.