Best Applied Security Product

2022 – Winner

LASINK™ Helios/Malawi 5000 Kwacha (tied)

LASINK™ Helios

What was it for and how did it work?

LASINK™ Helios is a security feature made to authenticate the portrait of the document bearer. The DOVID contains a polychromatic portrait of the holder, used as a secondary portrait it allows unambiguous authentication of the primary portrait. It is available in two versions:
A standalone secondary portrait, placed on the front or the back of the ID document
It can also be combined with a transparent DOVID in which the transparent side covers part of the primary portrait.

What is significant about this hologram project?

This is the first time a polychromatic portrait has been personalized in a DOVID. The high-quality portrait allows in-person or remote authentication conducted by experts in document verification or non-experts. It is based on exclusive personalization technology of color portraits in polycarbonate documents and is resistant to multiple types of fraud: counterfeit, forgery, stolen blanks, morphing.

Malawi 5000 Kwacha

What was it for and how did it work?

The 5000 Kwacha is the new highest denomination introduced in Malawi in 2022. It was introduced to meet the changing economic landscape and to meet the needs for increased security for higher denominations. It is a secure feature-packed banknote, composing the Micromirror LEAD foil™, advanced Galaxy ™ security thread, and SPARK live™.

What is significant about this hologram project?

It perfectly integrates holographic and micromirror technologies in a range of very memorable designs and animations. It features a Micromirror LEAD® foil stripe with holographic elements to the left of the portrait. It is bright and dynamic, showing an animated sun demonstrating starburst effect, the true colour portrait of the first President of Malawi, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, denomination value, a 3-dimensional fish from Lake Malawi with depth background, and the Reserve Bank of Malawi and RBM logo. This foil is very distinguishable and shows achromatic and rainbow effects when the note is tilted. To the right of the note is the SPARK Live optically variable ink, in the form of a fish with similar dynamics to the thread on the back of the note.

The public recognition of these features is very high. The banknote has been very well received by the public, and is recognised as a solid platform to fight the counterfeit threat. An App called ‘Malawi Kwacha’ is available on Apple and Google Play stores to help the community identify the security features, and authenticate the banknotes.
The RBM has also conducted a campaign to raise awareness through radio, TV and newspaper advertisements.