Innovation in Holographic Technology

2022 – Winner

KURZ Aerospace House Note Series 2022 | Balloon, Denomination 50

What was it for and how did it work?

Presentation of KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® technology to customers and the industry. KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is the latest innovation of KURZ and combines the best of all worlds from the existing portfolio of surface-applied security features.

What is significant about this hologram project?

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is the world’s only DOVID solution that offers the possibility of combining 3 disparate and highly sought-after characteristics of security features into a single element: It can unite lenses, multiple colors and KINEGRAM structures/effects, creating features that are truly outstanding both in their security and in their visual appearance.

Why do you think it should win an award?

This innovation is a unique combination of technologies that is unprecedented in the world of DOVIDs. With KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®, banknotes benefit from
the ultimate combination of security and appearance, as it offers the best of all worlds: dynamic 3D and movement effects are combined with multiple colors
and the unique KINEGRAM® security effects. The resulting features are highly intuitive and perfectly suited for design integration.