Reflection hologram

this is viewed by the reflection of white light. The diffractive planes within the depth of the recording material have a spacing which corresponds only to a single wavelength of light. This wavelength, usually green or yellow, is reflected back and reconstructs the...


the bending of light as a beam passes from one medium (say air) to a different medium (say glass). For applications of refraction – see High Refractive Index (HRI).

Rainbow hologram

when illuminated with incandescent light (white light), rainbow holograms display images bathed in a changing rainbow spectrum of colours as the viewer moves their eye position up and down. Holographers have developed considerable control over the colours displayed in...


the ‘step and repeat’ process whereby a single, holographic image is laid out in rows and columns in preparation for shim production. It can either be carried out mechanically or optically. In the mechanical process, the single image is made into a stamper...

Reference beam

the unmodulated beam which, when directed at the photoresist forms a stationary interference pattern with the object beam. See also Object Beam.